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     Ballstretcher & Cockring  

Ballstretcher & Cockring

Why would you want to stretch your balls?
Men love the sensation of their balls hanging down. This function of the testicles is designed to keep sperm at its peak by maintaining the testicles at a lower temperature than the rest of the body, so muscles in the groin relax the ball sack to allow the testicles to hang down, and thus cool off when the body is hot. It feels good and many men want to enhance and extend the sensation. Most men also find low hanging balls better looking, and sexier.

Ball stretching techniques
This is difficult to answer, as we don't know of any reliable method of measuring the diameter necessary to wear a collar or ring with maximum comfort, with minimum risk of it slipping off. The only way we know is to try it and see. The idea is to get the largest diameter you can without it slipping off. With this in mind, we recommend that you start with athe smallest (ours is 14mm) height available (for cheapness) 40mm ID split collar . If upon using it, you find it slips off, then you go for a smaller ID, say 35mm. The good thing is that it is more comfortable to wear a larger ID collar, so you wear the smaller ID on the bottom, and the larger ID above it. The 40mm therefore is never redundant, and should always prove useful.

How long does it take to stretch your balls?
It depends on what your objective is. If you just want to have fun and enjoy the sensation of longer dangling balls, then a few weeks of frequent ball stretching sessions will show results when it is hot and your balls want to hang down - like agter a hot bath for instance. If your desire is for permanent change, then you need to work at at it harder, and some report 6 months of constant stretch being needed. Be careful, and be patient - never try to rush this, gently and slowly is best.

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